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Colin Sarabosing

Elyse Lin

Colin Sarabosing is a sophomore at Newport High School and is eager to take on the reins and take the next step for the Leaders of Today competition! Colin loves to be involved with his community, being apart of his city’s youth council as well as working with Leaders of Today for two years. He is devoted to giving the youth a voice to speak about issues they face, and believes that Leaders of Today is a perfect outlet. In his free time,  Colin enjoys photography, biking, and playing basketball with friends.

Elyse Lin is a junior at Eastside Prep, and is excited to continue supporting and working with the Leaders of Today community. She is a part of the city youth council and has worked with many other community organizations. Elyse is interested in widening the resources available to youth that allow them to take steps to improve their communities. In her free time, she enjoys going on walks, practicing yoga, and listening to music.


Harshitha Rebala 

Isabella Wang

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