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We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year's competition! Congratulations to the winners and all the talented participants who showcased their remarkable critical thinking skills and creativity. Stay tuned for updates on next year's competition as we continue to inspire improvements and empower youth in our communities. Thank you for being part of the 2024 Fish Tank Competition!

And remember, ALL participants will receive their scores and feedback back from judges via email regardless of how they performed.


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Zeen Zheng is a junior at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington who enjoys playing basketball and Chinese Chess in his free time.

In his project for this year's competition, Zeen focused on the impacts of climate change, especially global warming. He has thoroughly researched and proposed and multitude of solutions to help combat this global issue. 

Congratulations Zeen and thank you

Mr. Mitch Friedman!


Tyler Zhang is a junior at YKPao School in Shanghai, China. In his free time, he likes to climb trees and build things.

As someone who is dedicated to helping the elders in his community, Tyler's approach to this issue is to implement an infrastructure system that is more accessible for elders. 

Congratulations Tyler and thank you

Ms. Whitney Alli!

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Ariel Chuang is a junior at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington who likes to dance and bake in her free time.

Ariel noticed the inaccessibility to proper healthcare in different communities around the world, leading her to research and partake in an active role to provide for those in need.

Congratulations Ariel and thank you

Mr. Frank DiGirolamo!

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