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Fish Swimming


Please read through the guidelines in their entirety. Failure to meet any of the requirements below may make you ineligible for an award.

Participant Eligibility

  • Participants must be a student between grades 6 and 12 at the time of submission.

  • Participants may only submit one entry per category.

  • Students outside of the United States are welcome to apply.

General Application Requirements

  • For each submission, participants may only enter with either a video or a presentation, NOT both.

  • Submissions can be the product of collaborative work but can only be submitted once under the name of one member. Please note that all competition updates will only be sent to this member submitting the application. The other members will also be recognized and receive the award.

  • Ensure that the personal information provided is accurate.

  • Participants are responsible for ensuring that their submitted work is original and does not infringe on copyright or the intellectual property of another person or entity. 

  • ​Include works cited at the end of the submission. This will not be included in the video duration.

Presentation Requirements

  • Presentation must take between 3-5 minutes. A grace period of 30 seconds will be allotted, but presentations must stop after these parameters.

  • Visual aids (powerpoints, posters, etc.) should be used and creativity is highly encouraged. 
  • Participants are responsible for submitting the correct presentation and making sure it is accessible to others.
  • Label presentation in the format of: firstname_lastname_projecttitle
    • Ex. ​John Smith would label his presentation as: John_Smith_Effective Recycling
  • Participants will present their presentation to judges directly during the day of the competition.

Video Submissions

  • Videos must be between 3-5 minutes long (intros included). 

  • All individuals who appear in video submissions must have given consent to be filmed. Participants are responsible for any privacy violations.

  • Videos may include an appendix (for example, tables, data, or charts) that support and strengthen the submission.

    • Video edits are allowed and creativity is highly encouraged.​

  • Videos must be uploaded to either YouTube or your drive (google, etc.). Participants will share the video link for their submission and will ultimately be held accountable for its accessibility so please make sure it is valid (Youtube links should be unlisted or public, not private).

  • All video submissions will be graded of the same rubric.

  • Label video in the format of: firstname_lastname_projecttitle

    • Ex. ​John Smith would label his video as: John_Smith_Effective Recycling

  • Participants' video will be played for the judges on the day of the competition.

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