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Economics Topics


If you don't see your topic, it does not mean it is non-eligible. 

These topics are only provided as suggestions.


Cyclical Unemployment

Structural Unemployment

Frictional Unemployment

Long-Term Unemployment

Social Safety Nets

Unemployment Benefits

Welfare Programs

Social Assistance

Income Support


Demand-Pull Inflation

Cost-Push Inflation



Trade Imbalances

Trade Surpluses

Trade Deficits

Trade Protectionism

Trade War

Income Inequality

Wealth Disparities

Wage Gaps

Income Mobility


Financial Crises

Banking Crises

Stock Market Crashes

Housing Market Bubble

Systemic Risk

Monetary Policy Challenges

Interest Rate Management

Exchange Rate Stability

Inflation Targeting

Central Bank Independence

Economic Shocks

Natural Disasters


Geopolitical Conflicts

Technological Disruptions

Technological Disruptions

Automation and Job Displacement

Digital Divide

Privacy Concerns

Cybersecurity Risks

Demographic Challenges

Aging Population

Youth Unemployment

Population Growth

Migration Pressures

Financial Market Volatility

Stock Market Fluctuations

Bond Market Turbulence

Cryptocurrency Volatility

Speculative Bubbles

Housing Affordability

Rising Home Prices

Rental Costs

Housing Market Bubbles


Corruption &
Government Issues

Political Corruption

Lack of Transparency

Weak Rule of Law

Good Governance Initiatives

Fiscal Deficits &

Government Debt

Budget Deficits

National Debt

Debt Sustainability

Austerity Measures

Public Goods &
Common-pool Resources

Tragedy of the Commons

Free Rider Problem

Common-Pool Resource Management

Externality Solutions

Consumer Debt &

Financial Literacy

High Levels of Debt

Credit Card Debt

Financial Education

Responsible Lending

Global Economic Interdependence

Trade Interdependencies

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Cross-Border Financial Flows

Global Economic Governance

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