Our Team

Reinvigorating and amplifying the voices of all social sectors through youth leadership


Isabella Wang


Isabella Wang is a senior at Newport High School and is beyond excited for what the future of Leaders of Today holds. Through Leaders of Today started as a casual idea between Isabella and Harshitha, it slowly evolved into a hub of youth leadership and strong community support. She has poured countless hours into this Bellevue City Action Team and she's thankful for all of the journeys it has taken her on—from learning how to develop realistic yet engaging ideas to learning how to build a website like this one. Outside of working on Leaders of Today, you can find Isabella teaching her pet parrot new tricks or furiously making spreadsheets to organize her hectic schedule.


Harshitha Rebala


Harshitha Rebala is a senior at Interlake High School and is ecstatic to be heading Leaders of Today with Isabella. She is passionate about community services and decided to join Bellevue Youth Link as a freshman. Soon, she was inspired to start this initiative with Isabella to spur youth involvement and leadership in the community. Creating Leaders of Today was quite a journey but she is thankful for all the skills it has taught her.  In her free time, you can catch her binging crime shows on Netflix, hiking, and learning code.


Jessica Massey

Outreach Officer 

Jessica Massey is a senior at International School with a passion for politics, education, and community. She loves volunteering and stepping out of her comfort zone to serve people. Youth involvement is what she believes is the key to better communities and a better future for all, so when she heard of Leaders of Today’s mission, there was no hesitation in joining; she was more than happy to invest her time and energy into this organization. She’s incredibly thankful for the opportunities her position as Outreach Officer has offered her: allowing her to reach out to fellow peers next door all the way to peers across countries. Outside of her work in Leaders of Today, you can find Jessica writing poetry or playing on her Switch (or probably watching Youtube)


Katie Shi

Logistics Officer

Katie Shi is a senior at Newport High School who devotes her time to Leaders of Today as a logistics officer. She organizes social media and focuses on connecting with youths from different regions. Her passion is to provide youths with unique leadership opportunities and more chances to engage in the community. She continues to work with youths through her work outside of Leaders of Today while striving to be someone children can look up to. Outside of designing Instagram posts for @LeadersofTodayNW, Katie loves to play with her cat or scroll endlessly on TikTok.


Bellevue Youth Link

Leaders of Today is a Bellevue Youth Link Action Team

Bellevue Youth Council is a leadership program sponsored by the City of Bellevue, Parks & Community Service Department and Bellevue Public Schools since 1990. The organization focuses on engaging young people in our community and giving them opportunities to make a difference.