Award Details

Two awards will be given for each category (our judges will be awarding six awards in total)

All Participants: 

  • Will be able to attend our Opportunities Showcase spotlighting leadership opportunities in ALL fields

  • Will be able to stay connected with the organizations and resources that they need to thrive 

Winners: ​​

  • Will serve as our 2021 Leaders of Today "Youth Visionaries" 

  • Will get the unique opportunity to talk one on one with an Adult Ambassador. Each Adult Ambassador is an expert in one of the three categories. For example, if you're interested in Community Engagement, you can talk to Director Leads of community-serving non-profit organizations. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on some of your ideas or even partner with organizations to build something brand new

  •  Will act as an agent of change to help shine a light on the youth perspective

If you have further questions, reach out at: