2021 Leaders Of Today Competition

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are required to distance from one another. For many youth, this was and continues to be a struggle in terms of mental health as they are forced to experience life from the sidelines. As 2021 progresses, youth not only remain isolated but also experience the unfolding of disheartening events. More than ever, we need youth voices from all backgrounds to work with influential people like yourself to enact change at a higher level. We have had almost a full year to reflect on our role as youth in our community and we are ready to take action.  


The 2021 Leaders of Today Northwest Competition is now closed. Thank you to all of our applicants! 

Regardless of if you entered the 2021 Leaders of Today Northwest Competition, join us this June to celebrate the competition winners AND network with organizations to gain internship, job, and volunteering opportunities. 

Award Ceremony & Opportunity Showcase

End of June (More details coming soon)

Along with recognizing the winners, we want all youth to be set up for success for the summer months and beyond. By combining our Award Ceremony with an Opportunities Showcase, we ensure that youth are connected with the organizations and resources that they need to thrive. Join us for internship, job, volunteering and networking opportunities.